Hello Pardners! Come join us for a great time at Ducklahoma
“...where the wind comes sweeping down the plain!”
Most people are familiar with those words, but fewer remember these words in the opening verse,
“...Plenty of room to swing a rope! Plenty of HEART and plenty of HOPE!”

DUCK WEEK embodies this idea of “...plenty of heart and plenty of hope” - it only seems fitting that we would lasso a name like DUCKLAHOMA.  
DUCK WEEK is a charity week in which the students of Piedmont Schools lead their entire community in an effort to raise funds for our carefully chosen recipients (to be announced). Along the way, the students will learn what real life generosity looks like and how, working together, they can impact someone’s life in a way they never thought possible. This community effort encourages everyone to give a bit of themselves for the sake of others. During the week of March 8th - March 13th, students of Piedmont will hook their wagons and head off together on this great adventure; finally settling in for a united effort at staking our claim by easing the financial burden of our recipients.  
We will be working harder than ever to make sure the recipients receive as much financial help as our efforts can provide. Thanks to generous supporters like you, each year we have been able to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals and their families. It is hard to imagine how difficult life can be when a loved one is sick, not just the brokenness over the suffering, but the stress of financial burdens as well.

Together we can make a life-changing difference for these families!

On March 8th we will kick up our heels and kick off DUCK Week as we embark on an ride that is sure to be FUN.  That wind you hear sweeping down the plain is calling each of us to swing a wide rope in the open spaces of our hearts and give hope to those in need. We appreciate your support in years past and know we can count on you again in 2015. Thank you for being a difference maker!


“Oklahoma!” Not just a great song but a great state. These words embody the spirit of Piedmont School’s DUCK Week. This year we hope you’ll join us as we stake our claim in ...

Ducklahoma - 2015 DUCK Week theme

We are hooking our wagons with our recipients and pioneering together through a great week of community fun and fundraising. DUCK week is about raising money to relieve financial stress that illness can bring, but it is also about so much more. It gives our community the opportunity to unite for a common cause. It gives sponsors like you an opportunity to reach out and support those in need. It gives each of us as individuals an opportunity to “roam” the plains of our own hearts and give sacrificially to others. Just as “the wind comes sweeping down the plains”, help and hope are sweeping over Piedmont and bringing another incredible DUCK Week collaboration to a community that time and time again shows we care for one another.

It is easy to understand why we do what we do when you know for whom we do it. The process of selecting recipients is one our Student Council takes very seriously. The students carefully consider each nominee’s relationship to our community, on-going health obstacles and financial need. This process takes many days and the students painstakingly talk through all possible options. This year Piedmont High School’s Student Council has selected three recipients and their families.


  • Carrie Attalla as a $15,000 recipient
  • Kristen Todd as a $15,000 recipient
  • David Bigelow as a recipient of the remaining funds raised
Carrie Attalla is a beloved Piedmont High School English teacher who has been diagnosed with Pancreatic and more recently, Liver Cancer. She had surgery and is currently undergoing Chemotherapy. She and her husband Todd have three children in the Piedmont School District.

Kristen Todd has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy with radiation to follow. She is married to Michael who serves as a firefighter. They have two children who attend school in our district.

David Bigelow has faced and is continuing to face many medical difficulties since 2011. He has recently been diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on his pituitary gland. David is currently unable to work outside his home. His wife Karri is the secretary at Stone Ridge Elementary and they have two children in the Piedmont School District.

As you can see it is necessary for us to swing our rope high and wide and lasso in every pardner who has a hankerin’ to help! We hope you’ll join us at the starting line on March 8th and charge off to a week of sacrificial FUN! Get ready, get set, give!

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Words from our Student Council

Duck week is all about celebrating our community by giving back. It’s a beautiful thing to get to see people come together and show generosity to those who are in need. The week may be tiring, but every second is so completely worth the effort and energy.

Tori Harrison

Student Council Vice President

DUCK Week is my favorite week of the year. To see they way our community rallies around our recipients is truly amazing! There is no better town than Piedmont when it comes to taking care of its own people. Everyone genuinely cares and is enthusiastic to help in any way, shape, or form. I love Piedmont and I love DUCK Week.

Marshall Wallace

Student Council President

Duck Week Sponsors