Welcome, you've arrived

to my photography website and overall online design portfolio. I will
do my best to sample the wide array of photographic, web, video & print
work that I've completed for great clients across the lower 48.
I have a LOT more to add and will updating daily.


All of my online proofing is done through my Zenfolio account, which is easy to find by clicking here : Online Proofing


Photography is just a small part of my arsenal. I am well versed in web design, video production, print design and many other creative outlets.


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While it's not easy to lump all of the fun things I create in to a few categories, I'll give it a try!


From local small businesses all the way up to professional sports leagues and teams, I've created websites from the ground up for a very diverse group of clients.


Print work can cover a lot of things, from business cards up to the AFL 25th Anniversary Season magazine. I've built print pieces for a colorful group of clients!


I have an extensive list of produced video work I've completed for clients ranging from sports teams, schools & many others.

Some video work

Design for the Web

Bright Smile Dentistry
David Little Law
Arena Football League Arena Football League
JMA Energy
SBA Basketball Shock Basketball Academy
Brisco K9 Brisco K9
EOC Academy EOC Academy
Velocity Dance Center Velocity Dance Center
Sheriff John Whetsel Whetsel ReElection 2012
Todd Isaac Homes Todd Isaac Homes
Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz OKC Yard Dawgz
Wheel Rash Repair Wheel Rash Repair
Long Wave Long Wave Inc.
Docsoft Docsoft, Inc.
Tulsa Talons Tulsa Talons
Stewart Woodworks Stewart Woodworks
Operation Pinup Operation Pinup